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BREW THAT! is a coffee passion project of two longtime friends who share a love for quality brews. After various entrepreneurial ventures, we decided to sit down and start something meaningful, especially as we enter the new normal. Our friendship has always been characterized by meetups over possible business ideas, from beauty products, fashion, family, and financial advice….and incidentally, we usually had them over COFFEE. The idea of a coffee business has always just been on the back burner for us, but then we came to the realization that this might finally be the way to go, especially when one of us recently discovered the wonders of our local coffee from North to South Luzon. To our surprise, our decision led to many inspired ideas in terms of concept and direction where we found each other on the same wavelength. We were excited to share our love for good brews with the world. With BREW THAT!, we hope to spread the wonderful experience of a joyous sip of our own coffee beans, bringing HAPPINESS in every cup.

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