Colors in Web Design

colors in web design

here are many reasons why you have to pay attention in mixing and matching colors in your web design. It?s not only to make your page pleasing to the eyes but colors have different meaning and it can give several impressions to the site visitors. It is not just like picking your favorite color and assumes that others will also be pleased with this color. Let us now enumerate how colors affect your web design.

Colors in Branding

Colors play an important role in business branding. If you want your design or logo and of course your company to get stuck in the head of many individuals or to be well-known or to be familiar with many people, especially the people within your niche, you must choose a color similar to your designs and logo. This way, every time a person sees that color, he remember your company. You must also use this color not only in your website but also to your other social networking sites so at the first glance people will know it is your company.

Colors in Backgrounds and Text

It is important that your background and your text colors perfectly blends together, if not, people might find it hard to read the text or the visitors will not feel the message in your text. There are websites that is too bright and it is offensive to the eyes. There are colors that are too boring that even if the message you want to tell the public is too exciting, they wouldn?t feel it and maybe they wouldn?t be interested to read it at all.

Colors and its Meaning

According to psychologist, colors can give 60% of rejection or acceptance of your products or services.

Here are the colors and their meaning.

Red — means courage, desire, determination, excitement, boldness and strength.
Orange — means creativity, stimulation, affordability, cheerfulness and enthusiasm.
Yellow — means energy, happiness, intellect, liveliness, comfort and attention-grabbing.
Green — means freshness, harmony, optimism, honesty, safety, reliability and durability.
Blue — means trust, honor, reliability, loyalty, professionalism, stability and depth.
Purple — means magic, elegance, royalty, mystery, luxury, nobility and power.
Gray — means seriousness, intelligence, traditionalism and conservatism.
Brown — means earthy, reassuring, casual, confident, relaxing and endurance.
Black — means mystery, strength, formality, sophistication and elegance.
White — means simplicity, innocence, peace, virginity, newness, purity and cleanliness.

Before you make your web design, think first what impression you wanted to create and then choose the colors that will best represent it. Remember that the colors is vital in acceptance of your product and services that is according to psychologist and according to the market researchers colors also has effects in the shopping habit of the consumers. It has been found out that royal blue, black and red-orange triggers the impulse shoppers while the colors navy and light blue, teal and pink makes the shoppers stick to their budget, and the pastel colors are more likely triggered the traditional people. Choose wisely because these colors can make or break your web design.

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